anyone can join a virtual journey with us!

Public Events

for virtual travel and fun

On occasion the interactive virtual tours and events that we always offer for corporate and university groups can be booked by the general public. This way, everyone can join a virtual journey with us! 

These virtual events are great to invite a friend or family member from afar to join you. You can easily invite them from our Facebook Events Page, too.

We are accepting enrollment for our new Four-Part Architecture Crash Course Series. Hurry as it starts in February!


A deep slice of chicago food history

Mmmmm… we’re getting hungry just thinking about all the delicious Chicago specialties this one-hour virtual event dives into. Chicago has no shortage of unique foods, from our world-famous deep-dish pizza and overloaded hot dogs to lesser-known traditions like the gym-shoe sandwich.

Date: Sat, 1/30 at 7pm CT
Tickets: $20/individual $35/household

Innovations at the 1893 World's Fair

Delve into the history of the most famous event in Chicago history: the World’s Columbian Exposition of 1893. This one-hour virtual event led via Zoom shares the inventions, engineering feats, and gastronomical exhibits that wowed visitors to the 1893 World’s Fair.

Date: Fri, 2/12 at 7pm CT
Tickets: $20/individual $35/household


Learn about the diverse women whose stories resonate with us today. Included are a daredevil pilot, a trailblazing sculptor, and a fierce labor union leader. You’ll experience historic photos, contemporary artwork, live narration and a creative collaboration. Our Badass Women Journal mailed direct to your home augments the experience!

Multiple Dates: 3/8-3/27
$20/individual $35/household


Chicago Architecture Crash Course 4-Week Series

Take a quick study of Chicago’s most renowned feature. This series of live virtual presentations outlines the human impact on the city’s architecture, from grand commercial structures to humble neighborhood dwellings. 

Fridays at 5:30pm CT, beginning Feb 19

Seminars  include: 

  • One-hour live presentations on Zoom.
  • Live Q&A with host Alex or Amanda.

book the series

Book all four and save 25%, plus get EXTRAS!


Extras for the virtual series are a curated reading list, and four additional weeks of access to the recordings.

Single seminars

$20 for single seminars. 

Recordings are not included. 

“Pt. 1 – Intro & the Growth of the City”

Fri, Feb 19 – 5:30pm CT


“Pt. 2 – Turn-of-the-Century Architecture”

Fri, Feb 26 – 5:30pm CT


“Pt. 3 – The Modern Era – 1920s to 1960s” 

Fri, Mar 5 – 5:30pm CT


“Pt. 4 – The Urban Crisis to Now” 

Fri, Mar 12 – 5:30pm CT

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