anyone can join a virtual journey with us!

Public Events

for virtual travel and fun

On occasion the interactive virtual tours and events that we always offer for corporate and university groups can be booked by the general public. This way, everyone can join a virtual journey with us! 

These virtual events are great to invite a friend or family member from afar to join you. You can easily invite them from our Facebook Events Page, too.

Our “Badass Women of History” virtual event has recently gotten a ton of press in radio, television, newspaper and magazine outlets including Block Club Chicago, WBEZ, WGN Radio, Fox 32 News, NBC Chicago, and more!

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A Day AT THE 1893 World's FAIR

A one-hour virtual event that lets you step into the shoes of an ordinary visitor to the Columbian Exposition. How would you get there? How much are tickets? Where do you go to the bathroom?! Awesome historic images accompany this fun event.

Fri, 4/30, 7:00pm CT
$20/individual $35/household


learn when you want!

Rent all the recordings of our live, “Crash Course” architectural series of virtual events for $14.99! Includes “Cruise from Your Couch Virtual Boat Tour” as a bonus!

The 12 half-hour, on-demand videos are:

  • Architecture Crash Course Overview
  • Chicago’s Earliest Buildings
  • Early Skyscrapers
  • Wright & the Prairie School
  • The Human Experience of Mies and Modernism
  • Bodaciously Brutalist & ‘Shoulder Pads’
  • The Contemporary City
  • The Great Chicago Fire and the Gilded Age
  • Urban Planning: the White City to Wacker Drive
  • The Glamorous Art Deco Age
  • Urban Crisis: Redevelopment & Historic Preservation
  • Chicago Homes
"Super fun and informative — I even had a couple of beers while I was learning about drinking history."
Jim H

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