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Experiential design

Connect people with places

We customize fun and meaningful experiences that connect people to places and each other through the power of storytelling.

Our place-based stories have enriched experiences for  

  • Museums
  • Universities
  • Real estate companies
  • Non-profit organizations


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Inspire innovation and creativity.

Align your initiatives with strategic goals.

Engage people with their surroundings.

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Promote learning about design. 

Create meaningful experiences. 

Share historical stories.

EXPERIENTIal & content Services

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  • Documentary Video Production
  • Animation and Graphics
  • Architectural Photography
  • On-camera Talent
  • Geographical Maps
  • Experience Storyboards

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  • Chicago-Themed Event Concepts
  • Event Journey Mapping
  • Virtual Chicago Tours
  • Human-Centered Design
  • Walking, Bus, Boat Tours
  • Hybrid Events
  • Educational Activities
  • Public Speaking
  • Team-Building

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  • Editorial Writing
  • Archival Research
  • Informational Listicles
  • Educational Content
  • Location-based Stories
  • Scriptwriting
  • Snackable Content
  • Company Histories

our work


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Community Building

virtual internal community building

Consulted with PLAY Project, an early intervention autism treatment program, for their virtual conference. We designed fun and interactive elements to connect PLAY Project community members with each other while expressing the company culture.


museum experience

For the Driehaus Museum in Chicago, we researched latest trends in museums, cultural heritage tourism, and storytelling technologies to advise on their entire museum experience, from the website to guests' arrival in the physical space to staffing and guided tours.

Place engagement

Place-based engagement for real estate

Used human-centered design principles to create a plan for a place-based engagement program as a strategic initiative for a district's rebranding strategy.


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South Side Experience

Changing Communities Around Campus Bus Tour

We designed a custom tour of architecture and history to promote the University’s civic engagement with neighboring South Side communities.
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Mars wrigley logo custom tours and content

Corporate history tour

We dug through historic archives to design a custom bus tour which visited Wrigley Company sites across Chicago. Mars held this as a special event for a large group of international executives.
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Keynote address

10 Big Ideas That Make Chicago Its Own Kind of Town

Exec. Director Amanda delivered a fun, lively keynote about the unique character of Chicago for the opening event of the iADH Congress. The speech appealed to both locals and new visitors.
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hub logo custom tours and content

Video production

downtown walking tour video production

We produced a one-hour "Downtown Walking Tour" video. We wrote the script, provided on-camera talent, directed the shoot, and managed post-production. Hub International played the video for their virtual conference and a tour guide answered chat questions live.
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Virtual Events

Virtual Events for Teambuilding

These live events via Zoom share stories across time of people, places and ideas with national influence. With interactive elements, like games or creative challenges, these remote events uplift meetings and inspire connections.
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Detours logo custom tours and content

History animations

custom animated historical storytelling

We conducted historical research to write a fun and educational story. We storyboarded the concept and produced this animated story with voiceover to use for a virtual event.
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WRITTEN experiential CONTENT

Detours logo custom tours and content

Blog content

"Five Real Historic Irish Pubs in Chicago"

"From Glamor to Gloom at the Pittsfield"

We write engaging hyperlocal content about Chicago neighborhoods, history, architecture, and tourism.
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custom tours and content

Editorial Content

Amanda wrote entries on neighborhood food specialties and culinary experiences for this authoritative reference.
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Snackable History content

We wrote the script for two-minute-long historical fun facts for the Choose Chicago "Virtual Road Show" for meeting and events planners. Amanda presented the stories as on-screen talent.
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Amanda's presentation was the high point of our event for an out-of-town office and our local office.

Everyone discovered things they didn't know about, including those from Chicago.
Deborah C.
Custom Speech about the Architectural View from Law Firm Office
Everyone had fun for our virtual tour fundraising event, and they're still talking about it!
Cynthia D.
Custom Virtual Neighborhood Diversity Tour

what is hyperlocal chicago content?

When content is hyperlocal, it means it is specialized to a geographical area and appeals to a niche group. These are stories you can’t find anywhere else. We design these narratives with creative research. We may conduct field interviews and observations and compile the findings of secondary research such as historical archives, scholarly articles, and industry reports. We then embed timeless themes and ultimately make engaging, relatable stories for targeted audiences.

A rising trend for place-based content is as a component of the workplace experience strategy. Our stories can enrich the experience of going to the workplace by connecting your community with the history of your company, the unique story of the building your office resides in, and the amenities of the surrounding area. 

We combine passion, knowledge and creativity with experience, strategy and insight for all our experiential projects. Call us at 312.350.1131 to chat about your project!

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