Virtual Events

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As a virtual event producer, we work with conferences, corporate groups, and universities to uplift meetings and inspire connections.

A private virtual event with Chicago Detours will bring your team together to explore and learn about Chicago history and architecture.

Virtual events include interactive elements, like games or creative challenges. Breakout rooms, polling, and chat communications may also be used to enhance your team building experience. Our virtual experiences will build trust among your team members and encourage innovative thinking.


Held on Zoom or your virtual conference platform.

A live event host narrates stories with knowledge and passion for Chicago architecture and history.

Guests gaze at visuals like 360-degree images, historic photos and illustrations.

Your group may compete in brief, intermittent games or creative challenges for networking or team-bonding.

Curated virtual event options

Our live virtual events, hosted via Zoom, are thoughtfully designed 30- or 60-minute experiences. They are fun, educational, and interactive. See your virtual event options here!

Two live event hosts share secret stories behind famous and forgotten holiday traditions and competitive challenges uncover your group’s creative side. A little dance party adds to the fun! Upgrade to send your guests a Badass Women Journal as a holiday gift. Dates are filling up!

Cruise from your couch Virtual Boat Tour

Experience the beautiful architecture along Chicago's river in this virtual presentation using 360-views in Google Street View.
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Badass women of history

Great for Women's History Month in March, this interactive event speaks to the diverse women who are often overlooked in the history books. Give some awesome swag with our Badass Women Journal!
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A deep slice of Chicago Food History

Chicago is famous as a food town! Drool over the stories of local favorites, from the famous to forgotten. Upgrade to send deep-dish pizza to all your guests to anywhere in the U.S.!
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Innovations at the 1893's World Fair

Delve into inventions, engineering feats, and gastronomical exhibits that wowed visitors to the 1893 World’s Fair.
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We work with you to choose the best virtual event for your group’s interests.


We tailor the virtual event to fit your company culture and fulfill your event strategy.


Be ready to learn and have fun! Our virtual events drive engagement and spark creativity.

FULLY custom virtual events

We can build an event from the ground up to highlight a timely story, the history of your business, or the evolution of a building special to your group. To customize a live virtual event on a new topic, we will:

  • Research the topics and sites
  • Write an interesting narrative and present fascinating visuals
  • Develop a game or interactive elements, and refine and test the product
Austin Town Hall Open House Chicago 2018
"Very animated and interesting. Highly recommended"

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