What is a Virtual Tour?

Held on Zoom

A live event host narrates stories with their passion and knowledgeable in Chicago architecture and history.

You indulge in 360-degree images, historic photos and illustrations.

Group plays brief, intermittent games and creative challenges.

How it works

innovation, meet creativity.


We work with you to choose the best event for your group.


We tailor the virtual event to fit your company culture and fulfill your event strategy.


Be ready to learn and have fun! Our virtual events drive engagement and spark creativity.

What's the difference between a Virtual Tour and a Virtual Event with Chicago Detours?

A Virtual Tour is more spatial, as it travels through Google Maps and 360-degree views.

A Virtual Event has a variety of visuals, including professional architectural photography, top Instagrammer food photos, and historic illustrations and photos.

Both are interactive and use games to enhance connections between virtual event guests.

How do I book a Virtual Tour or Event?

ready to book a virtual event?