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We are quickly growing and looking for creative, driven people!

Chicago Detours is in flux! We currently establishing our growth goals and will post new positions in spring of 2022. Feel free to send a resume to get on our radar.

How to Apply

All positions are remote. You don’t have to live in Chicago, but some familiarity with our city and its history is preferred.

To apply, please email resume, cover letter, and favorite thing to do in Chicago (one paragraph max) to [email protected].

What current employees say

"What I love about my job"

  • Learning all the time!
  • Pleasure of connecting with people and sharing stories on virtual events.
  • With new challenges and projects constantly, the job never gets boring.
  • Working with passionate and like-minded individuals.
  • Because of the creativity of the team, we have successfully pivoted during the pandemic from being a tour company to a virtual events company. 

"What we look for in our team"

  • Flexible and adaptable.
  • Detail-oriented and thorough; likely to see a task through.
  • Generous and open-minded.
  • Ability to go with the flow and do creative on-the-fly problem solving.
  • Fun personalities welcome!
  • Patient and resourceful.
  • Super excited about niche aspects of Chicago’s history and architecture and our virtual events!

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